Just yesterday, we were transmitting the words of the director Don Mancini, the boss of the franchise Chucky, who told us he had plenty of plans for his saga but he did not want to talk about it yet. 24 hours later, we know what it is.

And we feel that a lot of people will laugh while reading these lines. While the end of Chucky’s Return suggested a continuation in not too long, there is, for the moment, no announcement yet about the start of a new film. On the other hand, the website  Bloody Disgusting has just hit a big ruled out since it says, cushy, that the saga  Chucky will be back well, but in TV series.


In an exclusive interview they had with Don Mancini , the director admitted that he was working with his producer David Kirshcner, on a series Chucky , called Child Play , as the first film of the saga. And, of course, this title is not chosen at random:

“We have prepared the series at the end of the last film, the tone will be very dark and disturbing.We use the title Children’s Games and we want to signal definitively that the tone of the series will be extremely dark, terrifying and frankly creepy. “