A 29-year-old missing person’s case in Argentina has probably been solved with the discovery of a frozen body in a glacier.

In 1990, 35-year-old Spanish mountaineer Mateo Parilla went missing in a popular hiking and climbing area. It never became clear what had happened. At the time, searches did not produce anything. The authorities now think they know at least part of the answer.  

Body salvaged

This week a hiker discovered a frozen body in a glacier in the province of Mendoza in a very remote area. Today a salvage team managed to retrieve the body with great difficulty. 

The victim was wearing clothes from the late 80s and had Spanish equipment and documents with him. A DNA test must now give a definitive answer. 

It is unclear how exactly the victim died. “The body had been in the glacier for a long time,” says a police officer who was involved in the salvage operation. “At some point he lost his balance and fell. Or the wind blew him into the glacier,” said the officer.