After Drake could be seen on Instagram with her bare torso, fans went wild. Not just because of the rapper’s impressive body, but mainly because someone accuses him of having had plastic surgery to look like this.

“You are not kidding anyone”

Drake is completely pure nature, the rapper believes. During a vacation, he allowed himself to be captured while leaning on a balcony. He then shared the snapshot on Instagram, where his followers went wild on the good body of the Canadian. But not everyone was a fan and the rapper is even accused of having a cosmetic operation done. Drake’s six pack is fake, according to former friend DJ Carnage. 

“You had a nepsix pack put in Colombia,” the DJ writes under the photo. “You are not kidding anyone.” This did not go down well with Drake. “Are you angry about the one thing that happened to that one person recently, who you thought was your girlfriend?” But nothing is what it seems, later in the day the rapper responded to the accusation again. “Just relax, we are just friends in real life.” 

Although Drake did not have a six-pack set, Jersey Shore star Ronnie did the trick to have a permanent summer body. In the program The Doctors he shows how the treatment went and everything that comes with it.