Last week it became known about the plans of Christopher McQuarrie to make two more films of the Mission Impossible franchise. A few days ago, the director said that he was going to return to the sequel to the characters Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin.

But wait, after all, Baldwin’s hero, Alan Henley, the head of OMN, is killed in a clash with terrorist John Lark, who was hiding under the guise of CIA agent Augustus Walker (Henry Cavill). By the way, he also does not live to see the final credits, having broken off the cliff, of course, with the help of Ethan Hunt.

This situation does not bother McQuarrie, he hopes to surprise the audience with flashbacks with the participation of famous actors. And especially impressionable and creative fans of the franchise have already suggested that the famous mustached hero Cavilla may well be … a robot and survive.

The exact fate of the characters of Baldwin and Cavill is determined only when the director is given the final version of the script. We add that both films will be filmed simultaneously, the seventh part of the “Mission” will be released in 2021, the eighth (and, according to rumors, the last for Tom Cruise) – in 2022.