Ryan Reynolds would be operated on his arm on Sunday, but he postponed the operation. The actor instead promoted his movie Deadpool 2 in China.

The superhero film was premiered in the rest of the world more than six months ago, but due to the many violent scenes and the bad language it has not yet been shown in China. Last week it became known that the sequel with Reynolds will still be seen in the Asian country.

This is called Once Upon a Deadpool , the censored version of the film in which the explicit scenes have been removed. This came out in the United States in December.

Surprisingly, protagonist Reynolds wanted to be at the premiere of this in China, whereupon he decided to postpone his arm operation. The actor sustained an injury to his arm during film shots.

“This is more important,” said Reynolds during the premiere according to Variety . “It has been a dream for me for years to bring Deadpool to China too, so this is heaven on earth.”