Heidi Klum (48) does not rule out the possibility that she will release more music in the future. “Who knows,” says the German top model, who released her debut single last week, in the entertainment magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

“I’ve always done things I didn’t know were on my path and sometimes those things are the best.”
Heidi was asked to create the theme song for the new season of Germany’s Next Top Model , which she presents. The model was immediately enthusiastic and asked Snoop Dogg to collaborate on the single Chai Tea with Heidi .


According to Heidi, the dance number is not the start of a career switch, but she does not know how the future will unfold. “I’ve always done things that I didn’t know were in my path and sometimes those things are the most fun. For example, I never intended to act, but then I did six episodes of Spin City with Michael J. Fox, Sex . and the City with Sarah Jessica Parker and had small roles in movies.”

The model likes to try new things. “And so is this single.” She hopes people will like it. “But the fact that it’s me shouldn’t be the main reason. I want people to say, wow, this is a really cool dance song. And that I happen to be the one singing it.”