Prince Harry (35) and Meghan Markle (38) have recently had to make their own beans. Now that the couple is no longer dependent on the British royal family, they will also have to arrange their own income. That seems to be easy for them. Charity Combat Stress confirms that the couple is working with Apple TV, the charity for which Harry is going to work.

The organization Charity Combat Stress is dedicated to military veterans and helps them process PTSD. Since the British prince himself has a military background, he is the suitable candidate to represent the organization. The foundation gets its own series on Apple TV, streaming service from Apple. For this series there is collaboration with various hospitals and treatment centers.

None other than Oprah Winfrey will become the face of this series. The presenter has worked closely with the couple behind the scenes. Prince Harry will be seen as a guest speaker. Meghan Markle has also given a hand and is closely involved in the production.

With this collaboration, Harry wants to follow in the footsteps of his father, Prince Charles. He has been the ‘godfather’ of the organization for years. By also committing to Charity Combat Stress, Harry remains faithful to his royal background.