Last night, 52-year-old Halle Berry posted an Instagram photo of her fans. The actress showed a huge new tattoo on the entire back in the form of algae. In the picture, which was made in the kitchen, the star cooks scrambled eggs. And in the photo, Holly poses topless – she is dressed only in a brilliant skirt of silver sequins.

Who said I’m not a mermaid?

– She asked in the comments to the picture.

The new tattoo seems to have liked celebrities so much that she also posted it in a storiz, but added there painted fish and jellyfish swimming around.

This is not the first figure of the actress. Berry admitted that she had made a very big mistake when she decided to make a tattoo on her buttocks with the name of her first husband , baseball player David Justice. In a conversation with a journalist for the British version of Cosmopolitan, the owner of Oscar said that after the divorce, she had to redo the image, changing it to sunflower:

I chose a sunflower because with the coming of darkness they close to be reborn. In vain I even made this tattoo. Pure smooth skin is always better.

Apparently, the actress changed her mind and decided to fill one more drawing. But who knows, maybe this is just a temporary tattoo …