Actor Luke Perry died on Monday at 52-year-old from the effects of a stroke. Riverdale colleague Lili Reinhart gives a first reaction.

“I have been deeply touched, all of us”

It came as a shock to colleagues and Luke’s family when it became known that he had had a stroke. Shortly thereafter, the actor died of the consequences. Lili Reinhart gives the first reaction among his Riverdale colleagues. She mourns Luke on Instagram. 

“I can hardly find the words”, reports the actress. “I’ve been deeply touched, all of us.” Luke was in the hospital since February 28. According to sources, he would be surrounded by family. TMZ reports that the actor was asleep in the hope that his brain would recover from the stroke.

The actor in Los Angeles was recording the series Riverdale, in which he plays the father of one of the main characters. His last film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt is on the silver screen this summer.