The term ‘conscious uncoupling’, which Gwyneth Paltrow used when she announced in 2014 that she and her then husband Chris Martin were divorcing, has become a guideline for a happy divorce for many people, Paltrow says. 

According to Gwyneth, people considered “consciously separating” initially a strange approach to divorce. “Chris and I very much wanted to do it this way because we are always related to each other, even though we are no longer together. But I was maligned and fooled, ”Gwyneth said during a panel discussion at the Advertising Week. According to the actress, the tide has now turned and people thank her for her positive way of divorcing. “They now understand what I meant by it. I often hear that people have started to look at a divorce differently. How you learn to forgive and put your anger aside to still be there for your children. ”

The bond between Paltrow and Martin is so good that he went on a honeymoon with her and her new husband Brad Falchuk in 2018, along with their children Apple and Moses.