The Mountain View company as every year separates services that have had their chance, but have not seduced users. This time, Googl, the URL shortener will disappear.

The URL shortener named or Googl , was founded in 2009 and obviously used to reduce the size of URLs, so you can share them on social networks including Twitter, where each character is saved precious treasure.

Googl bows out

It seems that even if the undeniable utility of the URL shortener is not to prove on social platforms, that Google is not the same opinion. It took nine years for the Mountain View firm to decide the fatal fate of Googl. It must be said that the competition has been tough in this sector, because obviously a constellation of tools of this type have emerged and only a few have been able to play their game.

URL shorteners that have been able to convince millions of users include: TinyURL, or even


The effective death of Googl will be in March 2019

It is therefore in an unfavorable context in terms of competition and the lack of growth opportunities, that the URL shortener Googl is bowing out. Googl users will be disappointed because the service offered several interesting features, such as the ability to keep a history of its generated links, convenient to reuse later. We can also mention the integration of an antispam tool …

However, these decisions of the Mountain View firm will not allow the shortener to swell the ranks of its audience. The end of Googl will be in two phases, from April 13, it will be impossible to create an account and in March 2019, it will no longer be possible to use all accounts. The links generated by the tool will remain active, so do not worry about this point.