After the GIPHY racist GIF incident, GIPHY can return to Instagram (not without some security measures).

It was several weeks ago that GIPHY’s services were interrupted between him and Instagram. A decision that followed the publication of a racist GIF in the library of the first causing the stupefaction of Internet users. Fortunately, the animated image service is back after scrupulously inspecting its database to prevent a new error like this from happening again. On the side of Snapchat, which also ended the services of GIPHY, it is radio silence …

GIPHY inspected his database four times

GIPHY inspected his BDD four times – the equivalent of stickers – to verify that other problematic animated images were not there. The service even promises to better manage the addition of new GIFs in the future. This inspection was the reopening of the collaboration between GIPHY and Instagram and it is the spokesman of the latter who spoke with TechCruch to announce the good news ” We have been in contact with GIPHY throughout the processor to inspection. We are very confident about the new measures provided by GIPHY to ensure that Instagram users have a good experience .