Google Chrome is 10 years old His release was a surprise and a project with uncertain success, but his journey since dotted with success is the result of a recipe that works.

Born on September 2, 2008, the Google Chrome browser has been known since a success that seems unshakeable. From year to year, he has taken the steps and surpassed the tenors of the field. It surpassed the popular Firefox in 2011, and soon after the giant Internet Explorer in 2013.

Ten years of supremacy for the Google Chrome browser

Remember this newcomer whose launch was supported by a cartoon featuring the creators of the browser. The bet was quite daring when we put things in their contexts, Google was limited at the time to an effective search engine, but did not offer itself additional services optimizing its exploitation.

Then, without warning anyone, the future pillar of the web launched its own browser, that it was in an easy sense to optimize for an engine designed under the same banner, and whose developers had in front all the architecture of the Google engine.

The strong point of Chrome: its perpetual evolution

Quickly reaching 1% of the market, Google Chrome then knew how to evolve in a forward-thinking way to surpass its big competitors. The fact is that today it accounts for 65% of desktop computers, and 59% of devices if we include all media including mobiles.

This uninterrupted success of Google Chrome does not seem to be due to its visual, which from the beginning remains of a rather clean and classic style. The Mountain View company did not choose to bet on the aspect, but on an efficient Javascript engine “V8”, a Webkit rendering, and an architecture integrating an independent processor by navigation tab.

This optimizes the working speed of the main engine, a tab not working at the expense of others: an interesting rate of reactivity. With its continual updates, including the newly released version 69, Chrome offers users a constantly changing ability to renew and adapt. At the beginning of September, we pay a tribute to Chrome for his 10 years and wish him a happy birthday!