Asia Argento halts its payments to Jimmy Bennett. In a statement, her lawyer says that the former child does not have to count on more than the $ 250,000 (216,000 euros) he has received so far from the actress, whom he accuses of abuse.


The Italian actress claims that it was her friend, the now deceased television maker Anthony Bourdain, who entered into a payment arrangement with Bennett. He would therefore have saved her from a scandal.

Argento not long before Bennett confronted her with the allegations herself accused film producer Harvey Weinstein of rape.


“Now that Mr. Bourdain has passed away and is unable to comment on his wish to avoid a potential scandal, Asia will not allow another part of the $ 380,000 settlement (328,000 euros) to be paid to Bennett, who has already received $ 250,000 from Anthony Bourdain, “said the counsel of the actress.

Argento denies again in the statement that she had a sexual relationship with Bennett, who, when he was seven years old, played her son in a film. She calls their band a long-distance friendship.

Earlier Rain Dove, the partner of Argento’s good friend and fellow Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan, made text messages in which the Italian admits having had sex with Bennett. However, she states that she did not know that her former opponent was a minor when that happened.