Officials from Google’s Alphabet project, Project Loon, announced that its airships developed as part of the project have begun providing commercial Internet services in Kenya.

Sources from Loon Company indicated that some of their airships worked experimentally over Kenya last month, and these airships were able to provide Internet services for 35,000 people via 4G wireless networks.

According to the company, about 35 balloons will operate over Kenya and in cooperation with Telkom Kenya to cover an area of ​​approximately 50,000 square kilometers with Internet via 4G technology, these airships will fly at heights of up to 19 km, and the speed of data download in their networks will reach 18.9MB / s, The transmission speed is 4.74MB / s, with a response rate of 19ms.

The balloon project appeared in Google nearly 10 years ago, after which a private company affiliated with Alphabet was assigned to work on it and develop it.

The aim of this project is to operate airships that provide the Internet in many remote areas of the world.

It should be noted that these airships have been tested several times to secure the Internet in some regions of the world after the occurrence of disasters, where they were used in Puerto Rico after the famous Hurricane Maria.