Bad news for Lindsay Lohan. The actress is being sued by the HarperCollins publishing house, in the amount of almost 340,000 euros. According to them, Lohan never provided the manuscript for which she signed a deal with the publishing house six years ago. This is evident from court documents, ‘Page Six’ reports.

In March 2014, Lindsay is said to have signed a contract with HarperCollins, with the intention of releasing a book a year later. That book just never came. The publishing house paid the actress about 300,000 euros in advance, but even after the deadline to hand in the manuscript was extended by 2 years, nothing came in from Lindsay’s side. HarperCollins decided to take action.

In September 2018, the publisher said it would ‘cut all ties with Lindsay’ and demanded a refund of the previously paid money. Since Lindsay hasn’t been giving home all this time, things have now gotten even further.

The book was originally intended to provide a glimpse into her life, based on the diary she kept when she entered rehab in 2013. Spokespersons for the actress did not want to respond.