Joycelyn Savage, one of the friends of R. Kelly, no longer supports the singer. The 24-year-old American, who has lived with Kelly since she was nineteen and always insisted that this was voluntary, now says that she is also a victim of emotional and sexual abuse. Joycelyn tells her story for the first time in a blog via the Patreon platform.
“Robert has told me so many lies and my nineteen-year-old brain believed them all”

Earlier this year, Joycelyn was one of the defenders of the singer accused of sexual abuse. In March, for example, in a television interview with Kelly’s other friend Azriel Clary, she denied the stories of their concerned family members who claim that the two ladies had been brainwashed. Joycelyn has now decided to open her mouth and says she will risk her life by doing so.

R. Kelly would have flown her in 2015 after meeting her at a concert. He promised to help Joycelyn realize her dream of a musical career. “Robert told me so many lies and my nineteen-year-old brain believed them all,” writes Joycelyn, who as far as we know still lives in Kelly’s house while he is in prison.

Joycelyn fell in love with the singer and the two got into a relationship. She moved in with him, but after a few months she saw his behavior change. She had to call him ‘master’ or ‘dad’, for example. “It got worse by the day. He raised his voice if I didn’t address him with those terms.”

Joycelyn was only allowed to have telephone contact with her family under supervision and when she took a shower an R. Kelly assistant was in the shower, she writes. The singer would put her under pressure by continuing to emphasize that “everything could stop now”, but that she would not have any musical success. Joycelyn plans to write a daily report about her experiences.

Kelly’s lawyer denies all allegations. “It is very unfortunate that Joycelyn is now trying to make money from her long-term and loving relationship with Robert. Of course, no one would pay her if she told her what it was. Unfortunately, she chose to share stories and lies with others. to make money out of it “, says Steve Greenberg, counsel to American media.

Earlier this year in the abuse documentary Surviving R. Kelly, several alleged victims of the singer shared stories similar to Joycelyn. Kelly is currently in jail and has several charges of sexual abuse hanging on his pants.