In an awkward situation, Justin Timberlake put himself in one of the bars of Louisiana, where he looked after filming with his colleague in the film “Palmer” Alisha Wenwright.

The details of that night quickly became public thanks to the paparazzi on duty at the bar. All evening the musician, already 7 years happily married to Jessica Bill, did not let go of his companion’s hands, and she tenderly stroked his knee. The fact that in the pictures Timberlake was without a wedding ring gave piquancy to the moment.

And now fans are wondering what it was. And, of course, they await the reaction of Jessica Beale. Surrounded by the actor, the speculation about a romantic relationship between Justin and Alisha is considered complete absurdity. 

There was a whole company on this balcony. And nothing special happened there. Justin and Alisha act together in the movie Palmer, they are very cool. And at the party everyone was just relaxing.Perhaps someone looked at something in this short video, but in reality, everything was different. There were many people – their team members and friends. They all know each other. There was nothing, the  source told.