49-year-old Owen Wilson ( Owen Wilson) has never been married. But this is not a hindrance to fatherhood. The actor has three children from different girlfriends. In January 2011, Jane Dyuell, which at the time met Wilson, gave birth to his first child – a boy, named Robert Ford. Dewell Owen broke up five months later.

In 2014, Caroline Lindquist, the personal trainer of the actor, bore him his second son Finn. Caroline became pregnant by Wilson, being married to another. Roman Oueena and Caroline also did not last long.

With the mother of the third child, Wilson, according to insider information, met for about five years. But when 34-year-old Varuni Vongsvirata ( Varunie Vongsvirates), a specialist in the development of medical business in Los Angeles, became pregnant, Wilson made her agree to a DNA test.

In September, the actor’s fatherhood was confirmed, and in early October, Varuni gave birth to a girl, Layla. Unknown, socialize and there are now Wilson Vongsvirata, but his agent said, that the actor will not abandon his father’s duties.

Recently on Instagram, Varuni shared the first photo of her daughter. “My sweet little princess. Leela Arania Wilson, born October 9, 18, ” she wrote. Wilson himself remains silent about the child, but the fans of the actor left many compliments and warm wishes in the comments to the recording.