Ariana Grande would have returned her engagement ring to Pete Davidson. Reportedly, the jewellery cost about $ 100,000 (over € 86,000). The two broke their engagements according to sources on Monday.

According to TMZ there would be no quarrel about who could keep the ring. Davidson gave her the ring in June. It is a diamond copy that was made especially for the singer. It would have taken weeks before the ring was finished.

Unlike the ring, Grande does keep their pet, a pig that carries the name Piggy Smallz.


Grande and Davidson got a relationship in May of this year, just three weeks after the singer announced she would no longer be together with the late rapper Mac Miller. Pretty soon after the news that the singer and the comedian formed a couple, the news came out that they would have got engaged.

On Sunday, TMZ reported on the basis of sources that the planned marriage is now off the track. The couple has not yet responded to the rumors.