The actress did not immediately imbued with the humor and atmosphere of the now popular series.

Gillian Anderson gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly, in which she admitted that when she first became acquainted with the script for the series Sexual Education, she did not see any advantages in it. Moreover, the text of the pilot series seemed so banal and unsophisticated that she threw it into the trash without any regrets. Later, however, the script was read by colleague Anderson Peter Morgan, who persuaded her to nevertheless agree to a role in this television show – in “Sex Education” she played the mother of the protagonist (Ace Butterfield).

Pete literally had to get the script out of the trash bin. He read it and was delighted. Then he told me: “You are crazy. You will lose a lot if you do not play in this series. ” After that, I read the text again, and this time the story seemed very funny to me,

– said Anderson.

When asked if Morgan is now receiving a percentage of her fee for Sex Education, Anderson answered with a laugh. At the same time, the actress added that now her colleague does not miss the opportunity to remind her to whom she owes her success. Also, the ex-star of “X-Files” admitted that the shooting in “Sex Education” reflected on how she communicates with her own children:

It seems to me that I have pretty well-defined boundaries in relations with my children. True, since I play Gene, I began to ask inappropriate questions. One way or another, Gene is present in my mind. From time to time, she suddenly makes herself felt and says through my mouth such things that a couple of years ago I would never have said.

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The second season of Sex Education was aired by Netflix on January 17th. As for Anderson, she will soon play the role of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the fourth season of the series Crown.