On October 12, groups linked to football clubs clashed with each other in the city center.

The images had been looping on social networks. Spanish police announced on Wednesday the arrest of 21 young people following a fight between “far-right groups linked to football clubs” on October 12 in Barcelona, on the sidelines of a demonstration against the independence of Catalonia.

Images of the pitched battle show dozens of young people throwing chairs and tables on the terrace of a bar in the Plaza de Catalunya, right in the center of Barcelona.

At the same time, there was a big demonstration for the unity of Spain on the occasion of the Spanish National Day. Several far-right groups marched during the march, but the police do not know if the people involved in the fight participated, said a spokeswoman for the police.

Ultras from Espanyol and Sabadell involved

In a statement, the Spanish police said they arrested 21 young people – 14 in Madrid, seven in Barcelona – including disturbances to public order.

Among them were ultras of two Catalan football clubs, Espanyol Barcelona and Sabadell. According to the police statement, the fight started after they recognized each other. A municipal policeman was injured during the fight, adds the police, which does not exclude new arrests.