In December 2010, Amber Heard revealed her bisexuality by introducing her girlfriend at the time.

Seven years ago, Amber Heard was coming out, and introduced Tasya van Ree, his girlfriend. “It impacted my career, admitted the actress at the beginning of the year, it was difficult.” She says “quickly, [she] became the lesbian Amber Heard instead of the actress Amber Heard. It was in 2010 at a party organized by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation. “A magazine asked me who the person was with me and I simply answered the truth,” she explained. In an interview with Allure magazineshe goes back on her decision to reveal her bisexuality. And when she chose to do it, it was against all odds. ” I was told not to do it,” she recalls, ” they told me I was going to ruin everything, that I could not do that in my career.”

Yet at the time, Amber Heard does not listen to anyone. She is determined to admit her bisexuality: “I can not do otherwise, look at me and see what I’m going to do” Today, the actress is proud of her coming out. Recently separated from Elon Musk, because of their overloaded schedules, she would have already found love again. In early October, she was surprised in the arms of Kelly Mcnaught, the former lining of The Rock.