The American comedian and actor Bill Murray grabbed a photographer this week and thrown at a door because he thought the man was taking pictures of him. The well-known photographer Peter Simon (71) denies Boston Globe that he was looking for the 67-year-old Ghost-busters actor.

Simon says that in the night from Wednesday to Thursday , he came to photograph a band at the request of a local newspaper in a restaurant in the city of Oak Bluffs ( Massachusetts)  . Suddenly he felt someone grabbing him from behind and slamming at a door. Then the man threatened him.

“He looked like he wanted to strangle me,” says Simon, who asked Murray if the actor knew who he was, hoping he would recognize him as a music photographer, but Murray asked him the same question, but Simon says that he did not recognize Murray, only when the actor walked back to the dance floor, he recognized him, “He does not look like he used to look like before.”


After the incident Simon continued to photograph the band and the audience. And that apparently Murray shot in the wrong way because a moment later he threw his glass over Simon’s head. “He treated me like a scum.” The police came to the incident, Murray asserted to officers that Simon was photographing him and harassing him, but Simon said that Murray is not in any photograph, so the photographer is considering filing a complaint against the Ghostbusters star.

The owner of the restaurant says that Simon was annoying and nobody was allowed to take pictures. But the editor of the local newspaper confirms that Simon had been sent out by the newspaper and that they had no idea that Murray would be present that evening. ,, I’m not a paparazzo, I’m just not, “said Simon, who in the past photographed Bob Marley, The Beatles, The Police and Led Zeppelin, among others.

That Murray is not very fond of photographers is clear from other incidents. So he scolded a man’s skin after he tried to take a photo of the actor during a meet-and-greet. He also once cried to a woman who wanted to take a photo with him.