Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth, both of whom would continue their role in the still-titled fourth part of the Star Trek reboot, may not be seen in the film. The actors would not be satisfied with their salary.


In the first three parts of the reboot, Pine was seen as captain Kirk and Hemsworth played in his prologue in Star Trek: The Future Begins from 2009.

Sources of The Hollywood Reporter report that the salary negotiations with both actors have failed. Pine wants to get paid as much as in the previous three parts, and Hemsworth, known from the Thor series, for example, would demand a comparable salary when he receives the Marvel superhero.

Film company Paramount can not, however, pay this to the actors, because the most recent part of the series did not yield as much as hoped. As a result, the company must reduce the budget.

It is not yet known whether the actors still want to negotiate with Paramount or whether the roles may be played by other actors who agree with the proposed salary. The spokespersons of the actors do not want to respond.

Actors Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and John Cho have confirmed that they will return to the new film.