The actor and his wife host a 23-year-old refugee student in his family who was fleeing attacks by the Islamic State.

Actor George Clooney has revealed during an interview on the David Latterman Show that he aired on the Netflix digital platform, that his wife, the prestigious lawyer Amal Alamuddin, and he have welcomed into his family a young Iraqi student belonging to the Yazidi religious minority. that has suffered in recent years a bloody persecution by the terrorist group Islamic State.


Clooney explained that after learning the dramatic story of Hazin Avdal, he and his wife had no doubts and decided to do everything possible to take him to the United States and finance his studies at the University of Chicago.


Although the interview was very relaxed with jokes by interviewer and interviewee, he had this unexpected confession, which makes George Clooney show again that he has a big heart and uses his fame and money to help those who need it most.

His wife Amal is known for being a prestigious international lawyer specializing in human rights who, among other cases, has protected the interests and rights of the Yazidi women who were victims of the persecution of the Islamic State.

According to the couple, who recently became parents of twins, Ella and Alexander, eight months old, the Hazim lives near the parents of George Clooney, who are fervent supporters Democrats who support the help that both are providing.