Just when you thought that filming sex scenes was something uncomfortable …

Dakota Johnson had to use adhesive thongs!

That’s right, the protagonist of the Fifty Shades franchise recently revealed everything that meant filming those hot sex scenes with Jamie Dornan.  For his boyfriend on the big screen that meant using a small bag on his penis. For her part, for Johnson, she avoided showing her more private parts using adhesive thongs.

“It’s super non-glamorous, it’s really unattractive,” the actress told MarieClaire.com. “It’s not sticky, but it’s sticky, they’re like, it’s basically like a nipple adhesive, but in underwear, but it’s just sticky up, it’s not sticky everywhere.”

As a result, Johnson needed some reinforcement in the area. “He also fell because the adhesive was wearing down, so he was then stuck with super glue on my body so he would not fall in. And he used two of them,” he told the website. “It’s not painful, I mean, it’s almost nothing, but I guess somehow you feel like you’re covered, it’s just bizarre.”

For his part, Dornan recently spoke of his penis pouch. “I use a little bag,” he told Jimmy Kimmel . “Well, little bag is an expression, but it does not mean it’s small in size, I use a pretty big bag!”

To forget a bit the discomfort of filming such scenes, there was also some alcohol involved.

“The biggest part [of our preparation] is simply understanding exactly how we’re going to do the scene beforehand, so there’s not much waiting time while we’re both vulnerable,” Johnson explained. “But if something is very, very difficult, sometimes it is necessary to take a drink of something strong before.”

They do not call it the Red Pain Room for nothing.