And they looked absolutely happy.

Paparazzi are not asleep! Last Friday, George Clooney and his wife Amal were spotted leaving their home in New York. It would seem that only yesterday the actor was one of the most desired bachelors of Hollywood, and now he can already be congratulated on the fifth wedding anniversary.

The couple Clooney spent a joyful day exactly as it should be in love. First, George and Amal slowly walked around the city, and in the evening went for a romantic dinner at one of the most respected steakhouses in the city.

For the memorable date, the couple chose discreet comfortable images. 58-year-old George Clooney limited himself to classic jeans and a navy blue polo, and 41-year-old Amal added them to a pair of colors, wearing a trendy pink top in combination with elegant classic-style shorts, an original jacket and knee-high boots.

By the way, on the eve of a significant day, George and Amalia were asked what part of their marriage they could call the most difficult. To this, the actor replied that nothing of what happened over the years can be called difficult. And it is gratifying to hear, because he is 17 years older than his wife, and with such a difference in age, the contradictions would be quite explainable.