Lena Heady (45), who played the character Cersei Lannister for eight seasons in the HBO series ‘Game Of Thrones’, is the umpteenth actress who admits that she would rather have seen the end of the series differently. She does that in a recent interview with The Guardian. 

“I knew that the writers could not do good for everyone,” says the actress. “Whatever they would do in the final, we knew in advance that there would be bad feedback from fans. We had climbed so high with this series that in the end we could only fall down with any end. ”

But she herself can also be criticized for the writing skills of David Benioff and Dan Weiss. “Okay, I haven’t sat down with them drunk to get my say, like some other actors,” she laughs. But she gives what she will say if she ever has a glass too much: “I wanted a better death for Cersei.” Cersei was eventually crushed by a lot of falling rocks in the basement of the Red Keep. She died crying in the arms of her beloved, Jaime. A death that many viewers found far too weak for ‘white shark’ Cersei. Lena apparently thought so too. 

“I was very busy with the program as an actress, but also as a viewer,” she admits. “I had my favorite characters, and they didn’t all get what I wanted for them myself. But of course I can’t change that anymore, just like other viewers can’t. ”