The concert of Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano at her residence in Vegas ended on an unexpected note.

The singer, who recently broke up with fiance Christian Carino, kissed a trumpet player from the orchestra on the lips. During the performance of one of the songs, she approached 38-year-old Brian Newman and, after the words “Honey, kiss me”, touched her lips to his lips.

It was noticeable that the trumpeter was embarrassed, but tried not to show it. It later turned out that Brian was married, and his wife didn’t like this outrage very much. However, Gaga argues that this is just part of the show, and they are connected with Newman by many years of friendship.

As far as we know, now the heart of the singer is free. After the release of the film “The Star was Born,” Gaga, who was credited with romance with picture partner Bradley Cooper, broke up with fiance Christian Carino. The other day it became known that Cooper broke off relations with his daughter’s mother Irina Sheik.