Warning spoiler! If you have not seen the first episode of Season 8, do not read the following

The first episode of Game of Thrones season 8 is under the sign of reunion. But it’s also a big first for Jon Snow , the character played by Kit Harington. He straddled one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons ( Emilia Clarke) . And it was not a sinecure for the British actor . Kit Harington has almost lost some of his family jewels.

The actor of 32 years is not mounted on a real dragon, as we can imagine, but on a mechanical horse. The fantastic animal then recreated in post-production by the team in charge of special effects.


“Riding a mechanical horse is not easy. I think what best sums up what happened to me is that at some point I have to pretend Jon is going to fall, “says Kit Harington in a video posted on HBO’s YouTube channel. “The dragon rocks to the side and my right testicle got stuck. I did not even have time to say “stop!”, I was swinging in all directions. In my head, I said to myself, ” that’s it, that’s how it’s going to end, on this mechanical horse, swung in all directions by my testicles, ” he reveals below (13). ’57’ ‘ Buck off ).

Fortunately, everything ended well, in real life anyway. As for the series, there are still seven episodes to know the fate of Jon Snow and the other characters of Game of Thrones .