We know when the spin-off of X-Men, Gambit will be released in theaters.

We know for a little while, the mutant Gambit will be entitled to his solo film. To embody this character, the Fox decided to appeal to Channing Tatum. The latter will also be surrounded by Léa Seydoux and it is rumored that Daniel Craig will also play, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Even if the details on this film are still a little vague, we learn through the site Deadline, when Gambit will be released in theaters. Indeed, the site reveals that Gambit will be broadcast in American theaters from February 14, 2019. It may be that the feature film arrives in French theaters a few weeks later.

A super-bad guy against Channing Tatum?

We also learn that Gambit could not face a super-villain but rather a super-villain. Indeed, according to the Omega Underground website, the mutant played by Channing Tatum could be dealing with Candra the Benefactor, also known as the “Red Death” and leader of Guilds of Thieves and Assassins.

But for now, these are just rumors, so beware.