While at the New York Festival, Kate Winslet revealed some information about the character she will play in Avatar 2.

A few days ago, you were told that Kate Winslet was going to find James Cameron in Avatar 2, 20 years after shooting Titanic. But the role of the actress had not really been unveiled and we just knew she was going to play a character named Ronal.

Today we have more details about the role that Kate Winslet will hold in the Avatar saga. Indeed, the actress made some revelations during her stint at the New York Festival.

“I can not say anything definite about my role, but it’s a central character.
I love doing short films because we know everyone on the set and these relationships are very important to me. But Avatar is a great opportunity, I’m excited about this project.
In addition, it’s performance capture, it’s new to me. We must repeat to find the version that we prefer, which is best for the character, then we turn the scene into question.
I really like discovering this new technology. “

The filming of Avatar 2 has already begun since mid-September and James Cameron should also turn Avatar 3,4 and 5 in stride.

Avatar 2 comes out in our theaters on December 16, 2020.