All that’s been happening in Hollywood for a month is not only extremely serious but also very important because the direct consequence of this big scandal is that many things are likely to change in this environment in the coming weeks. Moreover, it has already begun.

This story is so huge that, in spite of our efforts, it is extremely difficult for us to rise up to consider the situation as a whole, as business accumulates at a daily pace, languages become loose, files fall. And, if no one accused publicly has yet been entitled to a proper trial in good and due form, there is little chance that their career in Hollywood will survive.

We think of Brett Ratner for example, director-producer who was one of the first splashed by the scandal Harvey Weinstein, especially following the revelations of the actress Olivia Munn, and saw her next film purely and simply canceled. However, this is apparently not enough since Gal Gadot has decided to put his grain of salt. Rest assured, our favorite Wonder Woman was not the victim of any harassment by Ratner, but she would have simply threatened Warner not to make  Wonder Woman 2 if Brett Ratner remained one of the producers via her company Ratpack, as stated by an anonymous source at Page Six:

” Brett made a lot of money with Wonder Woman, through his company that helped finance the film, now Gal threatens Warner not to sign up for Wonder Woman 2 unless the studio releases Brett from the financial deal. is a strong woman who is true to her principles, knows the best way to hit people like Brett Ratner in the wallet, knows that Warner will be on her side, and can not afford to film that talks about the power of women and produce it with someone who is accused of sexual harassment. “

A logic that would make sense but that Warner has denied, specifying that Gal Gadot’s contract on Wonder Woman 2 was signed for a long time and that the studio had cut all ties with Ratpac. This is not the first time that Gal Gadot has publicly criticized the producer because last month she refused to go to a party in her honor, where she had to give him an award, a move that many people interpreted it as directly related to the harassment charges.