Ellen Page is “ashamed” for working with Woody Allen.

The actress posted a long Facebook message on Friday about sexual predators in Hollywood. If she accused Brett Ratner of having revealed that she was a lesbian before she did it herself, she also attacks Woody Allen, with whom she shot To Rome With Love in 2012.

She regrets that the industry has not reacted earlier to the claims that have long surrounded Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, but also Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, who has a serious charge of touching a minor.

Today, she also regrets accepting to play under her direction, and she is really not proud of this collaboration.

“I shot with Woody Allen, and that’s the biggest regret of my career,” she wrote. I am ashamed of myself. I still did not have the voice I have today, and I felt some pressure because of course, “we do not say no to Woody Allen”. In the end, it’s me who decides the films I make, and I made the wrong choice. It was a big mistake. ”

Mia Farrow has long accused Woody Allen – her ex-mate – of touching their adopted daughter, Dylan O’Sullivan Farrow, in 1992 when she was only seven years old. The filmmaker has always denied the allegations, but the scandal is regularly resurfacing, and in 2014, the young woman had herself testified in a long column published by the New York Times, in which she detailed the touching.

Today, Woody Allen is on the razor’s edge, and it’s his son Ronan Farrow – who has always sought to break the truth and moved away from his father when he married his adopted sister, Soon -Yi Previn – who signed the New Yorker investigation that lifted the veil on Harvey Weinstein’s actions last month.