One of the most popular characters of Valiant Comics moves to the screen.

Film company Sony Pictures has released the second official trailer for the superhero action movie “Bloodshot”, in which the title role will be played by Vin Diesel. Unlike the first teaser, the new promo video is full of special effects and action scenes in the style of comics, which will surely appeal to fans of this genre. In addition, according to the materials provided, it is already possible to understand what the intrigue of the upcoming film will be.

“Bloodshot” will tell about how the powerful RST corporation, as part of a campaign to create an army of super-fighters, brings back to life the dead soldier Ray Garrison (Diesel), which is now known as Bloodshot. Thanks to the unprecedented nanotechnology, the hero received supernatural physical strength and the ability to instantly heal his wounds. Despite this, the will and memory of Bloodshot are wholly subordinate to the RTS, but he will do everything to regain his true identity and avenge the death of his wife.