In the clip you can see exciting scenes from his debut as a solo singer.

Camila Cabello shared a video on her social networks where you can see exciting scenes from her solo debut, moments she wanted to share with her millions of fans.

“Today marks two years since the publication of my first album as a soloist. These clips summarize much of the memories I have of that stage. It seems crazy to see this girl in the videos, in the middle of those performances and very scared in the first one, but fighting with her voice, her hands, her knees and all her strength to get out of the way. Honestly watching these videos has left me speechless, nostalgic but in the best of ways, ”Camila wrote.

To the singer to remember all that helps him for the stage he is living at the moment, when he prepares everything for a few months to start his tour ‘Romance Tour’ with his new musical material: “What do I want to perform live the songs of this record and see them all ”wrote on Instagram.