A figure well known to science fiction fans has just left us. The man who owed the sound of several movies Star Trek and Tron died.

Frank Serafine, a respectable and respectable engineer, also a composer in his spare time, who is responsible for a wide range of film soundtracks, died at the age of 65.

Frank Serafine, sound engineer on Star Trek and Tron passed away

As Antelope Valley Times reports, Frank Serafine died a few days ago after being run over by a car on Palmdale Boulevard, California. The driver, he was not disclosed in the report – was not injured.

His film career began in the 1970s. Frank Serafine worked as an engineer on the sound effects of several cult science fiction films. These include Star Trek, the movie, Star Trek 3: In Search of Spock and the two Tron movies. The man also contributed to the video game, working in particular on the soundtracks of Grand Theft Auto. In 1990, Frank Serafine even won an Oscar for his work on Pursuit of Red October.

He won an Oscar for his work on The Pursuit of Red October

The directors responsible for the films are often unknown, but they still shape a large part of the production and in fact contribute a lot to the success or failure of a film. They remain however most often in the shade. Frank Serafine, in particular, was a pioneer of sound techniques, he has largely participated in the soundscape of current sci-fi films. Hat down, Mr. Artist!