She has just broken the silence: the ex-heroine of Desperate Housewives and Melrose Place has fought a battle against cancer in recent months. The dirty disease that taunts her for 25 years …

She kept it secret for eight months. As if she wanted to be sure of not being sentenced, that her long chemotherapy sessions had been effective. Stupor in Hollywood: On September 15, Marcia Cross, ex-heroine of Melrose Place and Desperate Housewives, revealed on her Instagram account that she had battled cancer, diagnosed and treated during the year 2017. ”  I am fine! I did not want to scare you. I’m at almost eight months post-treatment, “she tells her fans in the maelstrom of comments that followed her release.


If the actress of 56 years has chosen to play down her ad with a cliché of her giving in to a dye, at the hairdresser, and this question: ”  who also loses his hair because of cancer?  “, His revelation refers to dark periods of his life, to a disease that does not let go.

In 1993, she lost her longtime companion, actor-producer Richard Jordan, who was swept away by a brain tumor.


In 2009, it was Tom Mahoney, a financier married three years earlier, father of his twins Eden and Savannah (now 11 years old), who announced that he was fighting against crab. At his side, Marcia Cross, unwavering and optimistic support. After a year of chemotherapy, Mahoney announced his recovery.


Today, it is for a complete remission of his wife that he prays.