Whether you like it or not, Epic Games has just decided to do a series of test shots including their impact in Fortnite. We explain everything to you, thanks to the blog of the game.

Called ” Shooting Test # 1 – First Shot Accuracy “, Epic announced last year that he would work hard on a variety of goals to balance the shots in play. Here are summaries:

  • 1st Objective : It should not be possible to shoot at a long-range target with a simple pistol.
  • 2nd Objective : Our weapons must have features that encourage a wide variety of combat types, based on the distance to the target, the type of target, the ammo available to you, and so on.

After tens of thousands of games, the developer has decided to have a full-scale test of its new provisions on the impact of shots, with a better balance and greater “logic” concerning them.

Fire models that Epic wanted to improve on two criteria:

  • The accuracy of the first shot.
  • Perfect precision + hindsight.

As the developer says, “The first prototype we are able to test is the accuracy of the first shot, this version is quite similar to the current gaming experience, but there are nevertheless some peculiarities”:

  • The weapons now have the accuracy of the first shot, indicated by a red glow on the viewfinder.

This applies when:

  • You stand still.
  • You aim (in other words, not in case of hip shooting).
  • The accuracy of the viewfinder is at the maximum (basically, if you have not shot for a few moments, however, it depends on the weapon).

The critical shots of the shots in the head have been reduced:

  • Shotguns now deal 150% of the damage (instead of 250%).
  • All other weapons that can trigger critical hits when fired in the head now deal 200% of the damage (instead of 250%).

Damage reduction over distance has been added to some weapons:

  • The damage is 100% up to the defined range.
  • The damage reduction starts at a given distance (different depending on the weapon). It falls to a minimum of 70%.
  • Sniper rifles, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and shotguns are not affected.

Other rebalances:

  • The damage of the semi-auto sniper rifles was increased to 75/78 (instead of 63/66).
  • The damage from the rifle assault rifle was increased to 25/26 (instead of 23/24).
  • The base damage of all Pistols has been increased by 2 points.

“We’re encouraging everyone to try this mode, and the victories and other stats you get are counted as normal, so we’re going to have a lot of shooting and to collect data from different sources (our internal analyzes, community impressions, feedback on social networks).

Your participation is crucial! We want to be certain that what we do is best for the community, regardless of the platform you play on and your skill level. “