Britney Spears lost the right to control her own life on February 1, 2008. On that day, a California court found the singer mentally unstable and, as a result, unable to take care of herself. The artist’s guardians were her father Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew Wallet. The other day, Andrew, who is also a former property manager of the star, spoke out for the first time about the guardianship scandal . He suggested that the singer’s financial and personal affairs would be controlled by other people for the rest of her life.

The most important question is whether the guardianship is in her best interest. This is something you should always ask yourself, and I still believe guardianship is in her best interest. Protecting her assets is very important, and in order to do so, it is necessary to retain the right to manage them, because Britney is subject to excessive pressure,

Wallet told the British Daily Mail.

Spears’ main goal now is to ensure that her father never regains his role as guardian.

Guardianship cannot force her to do what she does not want. The father wants to protect her. If she doesn’t want to work, she doesn’t need to work. Nobody can force her. Some people may be in care their entire lives. I’m not saying it will be Britney, but it can happen to her,

– added Andrew.

He also criticized #FreeBritney, a social media movement that aims to uncover the truth about Britney’s custody situation.

This movement only complicates the situation. There are people who hide in the shadows, promoting their interests. I can’t tell them their names, but Britney hurts, she’s the only one that hurts

– he summed up.