Daniel Craig listened secret raw material Billie Eilish ‘soundtrack N o Time to Die forced into the car, tells the protagonist of the latest James Bond movie Tuesday in The Tonight Show .

According to Craig, he can only properly judge a music track at high volume. His office in the film studio is noisy, however, and he disturbs his neighbors with loud music, according to the actor. However, according to the Briton, it is not the intention to be careless with the secret recordings.

“Earplugs don’t work well enough,” said Craig of the alternative to listening to loud music. “But whether it is an Aston Martin or a Range Rover: these kinds of expensive cars usually have a good sound system.”

“So I get into one of those cars, which is usually parked outside my office, and drive for a while. Then I listen to a song ten or fifteen times.”

Craig also followed this pattern on the soundtrack of No Time to Die , the last James Bond film with him in the title role. The actor said he was immediately convinced of the soundtrack by Eilish. The singer released the final version of No Time To Die in February.