The singer came out of her silence on this sad birthday……..

It has been three years since René Angélil lost his life. A disappearance that greatly affected Celine Dion, of whom he was the first and greatest love. And even if she took her head out of the water and even allowed herself to move forward, that does not mean she forgets that her late husband was blown away by cancer.

His funeral in Montreal had been broadcast around the world and had a lot of impact. Died on January 14, 2016, the producer was then 73 years old. He had shared 22 years of his life with the Quebec singer.

On the occasion of this special day, the one who was accused of Satanismaccording to a priest paid tribute to Rene Angélil by sharing a picture of holidays in the mountains accompanied by the following message on Instagram: “My dear Rene … you are always with me … and you’ll always be To your sweet memory … ” Simple but meaningful words that have touched the internet users who have not hesitated to show their support and to share love.

In recent months, Celine Dion has marked her fans a lot by changing her look to adopt a style composed of more daring outfits that will delight her. A renaissance that is a pleasure to see!