The actress related a gesture of her sister in adolescence that has marked her.

Hollywood star Julia Roberts says she has always believed that kindness has many forms, and that she thinks of her sister Lisa Gillan when she thinks of kindness.

Julia took a moment to thank her sister for having a big heart.

“I have always believed that kindness has many forms. Some quite obvious, some more subtle. Some have an exact form and some kindness, I have discovered, it is broader, more enveloping, like a hug, ”Julia told

“I think of my sister Lisa often when I think of kindness, but specifically something she did when we were both teenagers. Those historically avant-garde and egocentric creatures, blind to all needs except their own. ”

Remembering that time, he shared: “When I graduated from high school at age 17, I had already moved to New York City and was enrolled in theater school. Surely, with a lot of things in my head and mind at 19, but when I asked her to move in with her just a few days after I graduated (mainly, because I missed her!), She never blinked or asked me how long it would be , before saying yes.

“His kindness was so thoughtful and warm that I probably didn’t even recognize him as such at that time. But the feeling, the sense of belonging that gave me was and is one of the great motivators of my life and my heart, compass and compassion towards others. ”

They are now adults and married and have separate apartments, but they are in the same building.

“If my teenage self never said it clearly, thank you sister, for your infinite kindness for me and always,” said Julia.