Kim Kardashian seems to have missed the mark. The 39-year-old influencer has announced on her social media that she has donated a million dollars for families affected by corona. At the same time, Kim is promoting her corrective underwear. Her followers are furious and confused, because is the donation made or does it depend on the sale?

“To support mothers and children during this period”

Kim shares several posts on her Instagram and writes, among other things, “To support mothers and children during this period, I am proud to announce that SKIMS is committed to donating $ 1 million to families affected by COVID-19. We will complete our collection on Monday. In this way we can help the victims of this pandemic. ”

The action is wrong with her followers. Not only do they find it strange that Kim, who is not exactly shy when it comes to money, is also trying to make money around the corona crisis, but it is also not clear whether the money has already been donated or depends on the sale. In her bio on Twitter, the Kardashian wrote: “With this collection, SKIMS wants to donate $ 1 million.”

The action caused a lot of angry reactions among her followers. “Kim, people are dying,” is one of the many reactions on social media. “If you want to donate a million dollars, just do it.”