Kristen Stewart began filming a biographical thriller “Against All Enemies”, which will tell about the life of the French actress Jean Seberg; The first photos from Kristen in a retro-image from the set have already appeared on the web.

Gene Seberg had a very active life position, she was one of the central figures in the struggle for civil rights in the 60’s, and it was this that attracted the attention of US authorities. Along with Kristen Stewart, other famous actors are engaged in “Against All Enemies” – Vince Vaughn (he got the role of FBI agent Carl Kowalski who followed Seaberg’s activities and planned to discredit her movement for equal rights for blacks), Marvel star Anthony Maki, Zazi Bitz (“Deadpool 2”), Jack O’Connell (“Milk Pumpers”).

The premiere “Against all enemies” will be held in 2019.