It is reported that WhatsApp is launching a “pending” update that allows users of the most popular chat app in the world to send friends and family from multiple devices.

This update has been rumored a while ago, however, WhatsApp appears to be preparing to launch the ability to chat across multiple devices. There has been widespread speculation about when this vital update will be available, but the latest reports from WABetainfo indicate that the feature may become available in the next few months.

The team, which has a proven track record of getting everything right for the chat app correctly, has posted a message stating that multiple device tests are being performed at this time.

In a tweet on Twitter, WABetainfo said: “From now on, WhatsApp is conducting some important testing of the multi-device feature internally. But it is not yet available and there is no release date: it may be within the next two months, 4 or 6 months. The positive is that they have started testing them in general. “

The option to use the application on different devices is a long-awaited thing that many have wanted for years.

In theory, the new feature should allow WhatsApp to be used seamlessly from one phone to another, or from phone to tablet. It can also allow users to switch instantly between iOS and Android devices.