Teen Mom Farrah Abraham today announced blame for assaulting a security guard during a fight at the Beverly Hills Hotel. After she first claims not to have touched anybody, Teen Mom-star now admits. And for that the actress does not get a mild punishment.

“I was a guest at the hotel and did not touch anyone”

The truth always comes up and so also with Farrah. She is arrested on 13 June 2018 because she has been deported and is trying to enter the hotel again. The security guard does not leave it there and stops her, whereupon Farrah punches and pushes him with her forearm.

Then she is arrested, she is stuck in a cell for a few hours and the security guard complains to her. According to the police, there is also alcohol in the game.

In the first instance, Farrah denies having mistreated the security guard. “I was a guest at the hotel and did not touch anyone”, she says to E! News. But today she decides to be honest in the courtroom.

Farrah receives a conditional sentence for two years. She also has to do fifty hours of social work and follow a course for her aggression problems. For this she has a year and in this way the judge hopes that the ex-pornstar learns from her mistakes.