In her time at Scientology, Leah Remini was expected to persuade other Hollywood stars to join the church. The actress told the Facebook talk show of Jada Pinkett Smith.

Remini and Pinkett Smith had a long quarrel because the The King Of Queens in a book she wrote about Scientology claimed that Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith were members of the Church.

They recently added it and Monday, Remini moved into Red Table Talk to discuss the issue. She indicated that she had never considered the consequences of her statements. “I did not even think it would hurt you, and I’m sorry, I was so busy with my own pain, and the effect it had on me.”

Remini publicly opposed Scientology

The actress stepped down from Scientology in 2013, and publicly opposed the church. She made the program Scientology and the Aftermath about, which she claims she has become a victim of a hatred campaign by the institution.

In the talk show, Pinkett Smith explained why Remini had the impression that she was a member of the Church: she tries to learn about as many religions as possible and has also followed a number of lessons at Scientology because she wanted to know more about the faith.

At that time the actresses got to know each other, but Remini now says that she never showed her true nature at the time. “What I showed myself, as a friend, was never a hundred percent honest, it was my job to come across to you and every other celebrity perfectly, just to get you to Scientology.”