In her YouTube documentary ‘Dancing with the Devil’ Demi Lovato (28) talks honestly about her overdose, heavy drug use and the sexual abuse she has experienced. Moreover, the singer said that she had lost her virginity at the age of fifteen during the filming of the Disney movie ‘Camp Rock’ and that she only realized afterwards that she had been raped by that person. Although Demi does not want to tell who the culprit is, her fans are doing everything to get to the bottom of it.

“Am I the only one who thinks Demi’s rapist must be Joe?”

Demi was dating someone on the Camp Rock set. The singer had not yet had sex and told him she was “not ready yet”. “But he didn’t care,” she explains in her YouTube documentary Dancing with the Devil . “I told people about what happened, but it didn’t get him into trouble. He wasn’t taken out of the movie either. Nothing happened and I had to see him every day.” Demi does not want to tell who raped her when she was 15. 

That Demi won’t say it doesn’t hurt her fans. There is now a lot of speculation about who could be the possible rapist. Because the singer got into a relationship with her opponent Joe Jonas after the recording of Camp Rock , his name is often mentioned as a suspect. “Am I the only one who thinks Demi’s rapist must be Joe?” one Twitterer wonders. And that is certainly not the case, because many fans think that he is the culprit. 

Others stand up for Joe. It is abundantly clear that he is not. She dated Joe after the rape. And what she said in the documentary shows that she wouldn’t have done that if he were her rapist, ‘thinks one fan. ‘He hasn’t done anything wrong. They were friends for years. In addition, she said that the person in question no longer has a showbiz career and Joe is still successful, ‘said another. Demi and Joe’s little brother Nick even toured together, so it does seem unlikely that the JoBro is the culprit.